Welcome to a lifestyle of TRUTH & FREEDOM

Welcome  to Jo-níc, a Unique Christian Experience.

 Jo-níc is most recognized by its flagship I AM Christian jewelry collection.  Jo-níc Christian jewelry was founded in 2013 as a result of one woman’s single encounter with God.  The moment that would be the catalyst for unveiling biblical truth and sharing the freedom that God’s truth brings. (John 8:32) The moment was when He spoke the words: I AM. This moment was so powerful, it set a vision and purpose in motion. The vision to inspire all women to live a lifestyle of truth and freedom. 

Founder, Audrey Munoz began sharing The moment that transformed her life exclusively through her I AM Christian jewelry collection which are scripture inspired designs. The jo-níc I AM jewelry collection consist of necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings and each are heart-felt designs to serve as delicate, beautiful, and unique reminder of God’s biblical words of who we are. The hope is that during your darkest, fragile, and most trying moments you will always have a piece of truth close to you. Women worldwide wear jo-níc signature designs for the truth it speaks and the freedom it brings when we declare God’s biblical truth over their life. 

The Moment blog is another way to share biblical truth and was initiated as a result of the overwhelming requests from women who wanted to hear more about  the Jo-nic story and biblical truth, in hopes to discover their personal freedom.

  • for all women to live a lifestyle of truth and freedom

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