Monday Moments- Why?

Audrey Munoz

#MondayMoments with Audrey Jo Munoz

Why? Job 28

Lately, I have been asked WHY. Why is this happening? Of course humanly speaking I wish I had the answer BUT, if I did or if you did Wisdom would not be as valuable.

In the book of Job wisdom is stated to be far more precious that gold, jewels and it can NOT be purchased. It also shares that it does not reside in humanity. The only way to seek wisdom (true) wisdom is through the seeking of our God. Can I share how the chapter ends? “ behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding” job 28:28

I was shocked to learn that wisdom is to fear the Lord. It was initially hard for me to hear because I know how good God is but now as I reflect, I believe our lives may not reflect the fear of the God and the consequences of living a life disregarding the words of God.

Let us come together and not question the why, but to seek wisdom in prayer:

Father, I know you are a good God. Is there any area in my life that I have not shown reverence for you? Do I take your words for granted? You say that we are to humble ourselves and repent so I ask you: Is there any area in my life that reflects evil? Will you shine your light in these areas so that I can gain the wisdom that only comes from you? Help me to hear and believe your words that you are coming back for us and I desire above all else that I am found right in your eyes. Help me to focus on being your hands and feet on this earth. I drop my why and seek the wisdom that only comes from you.

#MondayMoments with Audrey Jo

Why? Job 28

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